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Caturday special is a collection of sketches, some from inktober challenges, others just for fun . All made with ink and/or watercolor and charcoal, on 120g sketch toned paper and 200g white paper.

Check the dimensions of the drawing below
A4 size 8,27X11,69 inches or 21X29,7 cms
A3 size11.7 x 16.5 inches

1-  Kitty ritual    (A3)
2- Sphynx mama   (A4)
3- Take me home   (A3)
4- Sphynx rules   (A3)
5- PET ME!   (A4)
6- Haunted Caturday   (A3)
7- Mama cat   (A3)
8- Yummy human   (A4)
9- Bendi Mandy   (A4)
10- Fool (A4)
11- The contortionist (A4)

Caturday Special

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