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All made using watercolor and/or Micron Pen 
Originals done on Arches 300g paper cold pressed paper 

1- Alien me (70X50cms or 28X20 inches)
2- Galaxy Unicorn (65X50cms or 25X20 inches)
3- The Sphynx Queen (57X50cms or 22X20 inches)
4- Galloping in space (57X38cms or 22X15 inches)
5- I need space (51X36cms or 20X14 inches)
6- The imposter (51X36cms or 20X14 inches)
7- Galaxy man (46X31cms or 18X12 inches)
8- Galaxy woman (51X36cms or 20X14 inches)
9- Deep love (51X36cms or 20X14 inches)
10- Decay together (51X36cms or 20X14 inches)
11- Death and the little girl (51X36cms or 20X14 inches)
12- It´s time (36X26cms or 14X10 inches)
13- My light my darkness (31X20cms or 12X8 inches)

The Galaxy collection

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