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Some of my favorite scenes in mostly horror movies
All made with ink and/or watercolor and charcoal, on 120g and 200g sketch  paper.

A4 size 8,27X11,69 inches or 21X29,7 cms or A3 size 16X11 inches 

Scarface, sphynx version (A3 size)
Maniac 2012 (A4 size)
Vicky from Terrifier 2 (A3 size)
Carrie 1976 (A4 size)
Midsommar, bear scene (A4 size)
Butcher from The boys (A4 size)
The last thing that Mary saw 2021 (A4 size)
The VVitch, Katherine´s dream (A4 size)
Bakjwi,Thrist 2009 (A4 size)
Hereditary 2018 Fear and rage (2 for 1 A4 size)

Fan art special

40,00 € Standardpreis
36,00 €Sale-Preis
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